Thursday, 10 March 2011

Long time no blog

Sup folks?

haven't posted in a while.  I guess mainly because I haven't had much to say aprt from giving results fo my daily sessions, which I think is pretty pointless seen as though I try give a fairly detailed review at the end of each month.

Well i have a few things I can talk about now.  Firstly I played some MTTs on Sunday including the epic Sunday 5million, which I didn't cash in.  In fact I played roughly 15MTTs and only cashed once.  This was a very deep run though.  I finished 36th from 10k+ runners in the DNG 300k on stars.  the cash was just shy of four figures but with $60k up top it was pretty disappointing.  Was feeling a final table :p.  For those of you that don't know it's a $55 donkament.  Overall though I'm happy with the way I played, so that is certainly a positive to take from this.  I ran good to of course :).

I kinda got the taste fro some donkaments again :).  So I will be playing a decent sized schedule this Sunday including a few minftops events, so again some huge prizepools on offer.  The following week is Mini Ftops main event day, so I shall be playing another Sunday there.  I'm also planning on playing the 2day 6max event.  I played this event and made day2 last year with a decent stack.  I then managed to blow up and punt my stack in a ridiculous spot.  i think with my no limit 6max experience gained this year will stand me in much betetr stead this time and I feel I should have a good edge in this tournament.

The Tuesday in between the Sundays I will be playing a live tournament.  It's a £100 freezeout with a pretty good structure (in terms of the usual local offerings) and a £12k guaranteed prizepool.  I've been playing live a decent amount lately, cash and online and done fairly well.  I feel really comfortable in teh live enviroment now, so I', really looking forward to this.

OK so that's all the good stuff now onto the bad stuff :/.  Well bad maybe the wrong word.  Over the last few days I haven't won a pot online.  Lol, of course I'm exaggerating but it really seems that way.  I think this maybe my first downswing, since playing cash or I just forgot how to play i don't know.  My confidence has definitely taken a hit also and all of these mixed in with some tilt have been  a recipe for disaster in terms of results/confidence.  So I think for the next few sessions I will reduce tables and just take extra time over decisions and try and keep an eye on things to make sure it is just coolers/beats/general runbad.

Well that's all I got for now.  I will most likely update after Sunday or the liveament and let you readers know how I got on.


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